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Our customized, in-house workshops give your team an edge in the soft-skills that all professional service providers need to lead a successful firm.  The future of your organization is in the hands of your staff and you need to make sure they have the people and team skills to continue your success. You can also test drive our content and delivery with our pre-recorded webinars listed below these workshops!

Exceptional Client Service

Loyal vs. Satisfied Clients | Six Steps to Exceptional Client Service  |  Professionalism, Quality and Value

Business Writing

Formatting, grammar, spelling and proof-reading  |  Clarity  |  Details and brevity  |  Tone and courtesy  |  Live practice and critique of writing

Networking for Introverts

Confidence |  Communication Techniques  |  Places to Network  |  Designed especially for those uncomfortable "working a room"

Presentation Skills

The Purpose of Presenting  |  Using Engaging Visuals  |  Mechanics of Speaking to an Audience |  Live Practice

Building Great Teams

Identifying Strengths  |  Creating a Positive, Challenging Environment  |  Feedback and Evaluations

Train the Trainer

Why You Train and Why People Want to Participate  |  Creating Brain Friendly Learning Environments  |  Tactics for Disarming Classroom Challenges

Professional Etiquette

How Etiquette Impacts the Work Environment  |  General Office Etiquette  |  Social Media and Online Presence  |  Dining Etiquette


  • Workshops can be held in half-day or full day formats. Our clients often combine two topics to create a full day of training for one or two groups of participants.
  • Options for off-the-shelf content targeted towards your goals, or more significant customization adding in your firm's values, branding, and examples are available.


Our webinars are lively, value-packed one-hour sessions; full of information on how to build great teams and great clients.

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Webinar Topics

Communication Series
Communication Styles: Embracing Differences
Five Questions to Build Trust and New Business
Managing Difficult Conversations
Confident Communication for Networking and Business Development

Team and Project Management Series
Building High-Functioning Teams
Four Steps to Delegating Effectively
Mastering CPA Project Management
Developing Successful Associates and Managers 

Client Service Series
Understanding the Client Experience
Five Essential Components of Client Service
Integrating Client Service Culture at Your Firm
Six Steps to Recover From Service Failures  


Webinar Testimonials

"This was one of the best one hour CPEs I've taken. I think a lot of the official assigned "coach" managers at my old firm could have really benefited from this course."
All of our auditors need to attend this.
Value received vs. time spent is high.  I was planning to attend a CEO lunch, but opted to hear your webinar.”
“Session was very informative and worthy of sharing with colleagues in my field”