Welcome to Slide Deck Improv!


Skill enhancing

  Confidence building

  Exceptionally fun

Watch scenes from a live Slide Deck Improv event! 

Looking to put some new energy into your next event or learning lineup?
Slide Deck Improv will have your participants stepping to the edge of their comfort-zone,
and experiencing the power of thinking on their feet. 


Classroom Learning

  • LIVE improv presentations by all participants, including application of improv techniques to business presentations
  • Build public speaking confidence and comfort in presenting with visual support (images, graphics) instead of visual crutches (text-heavy slides)
  • Learn and apply audience engagement best practices


  • How improv benefits business presentations and communication
  • Why images and storytelling are more impactful than words 
  • LIVE improv presentations by pre-selected members of your audience!


Small Group DIY

Interested in a Do-It-Yourself kit to bring Slide Deck Improv to your organization?
Includes slide decks, logistics guide, improv warm-ups, talking points, learning debrief and more.

Expected release date is July 31, 2018. Receive 50% off by emailing us with your interest before that date! improv@kristenrampe.com

Slide Deck Improv - group activities
I have never laughed so hard at a presentation before!
Slide Deck Improv is the perfect intersection of entertainment and professional education. Our group could not have found a better facilitator than Kristen. Applying her years of experience as a speaker and trainer (+ improv classes), Kristen put the speakers and audience at ease as she introduced the concepts, gathered topics from the audience, and set each speaker up for success. Everyone came away with a smile and sound advice to put into practice. The buzz about Slide Deck Improv is growing as a result, and we hope to offer this event again next year!
This was our best event so far.