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Leadership Development

We help create and retain leaders who have what it takes to be highly successful with an engaging series of workshops and learning experiences.

Organizations with the highest quality leaders are 13x more likely to out-perform their competition in bottom-line metrics. Where do you want the future of your firm to go?


Why simply check the box with CPE when you can order up some highly-engaging workshops? Give your team an edge with the leadership and soft-skills that all professional service providers need.

The future of your organization is in the hands of your staff and they need strong communication, people and business development skills to continue your success.


Add some energy to your offsite or event with one of Kristen's industry-specific topics. She has spoken to over 2,000 individuals in her presentations with AccountingToday, the AICPA, AccountingWeb and a variety of CPA firms. Sessions are relevant and up-beat, with a message your audience won't forget!



Some of our most interesting and impactful work comes from custom projects. If you are in need of capable, articulate resources that know how to get results, you're in the right place.

Whether it's assisting your in-house team with developing their own training, building sustainable client-service initiatives at your firm or needing a professional sounding board on a sticky people or client issue, we are here to help.


Later 2015, the world's funniest book about life in accounting will be released. Brought to you by Kristen's wit and wisdom and her arsenal of public accounting stories, coupled with rigorous un-scientific research and investigation on the topic of CPA-client relationships.

Tell all your friends you are on the list to get a copy before it's even released by signing up to pre-order here!