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Monthly Tip Sheet

Your source for high-speed, high-impact practice tips. A single page of uncluttered knowledge to elevate your practice! 

ManAging Culture Changes

Shifting the culture of an organization or group is no small task. This tip sheet will give you a leg-up on how to get that new culture going in your office.

More Tip Sheets

Understanding the Client Experience

Standing in your clients' shoes for a while can help create a better experience for them, and they might just reward you for it!

Four Steps to Delegating Effectively

Or you could not delegate at all, which is an option if you like control...and long hours. 

Building a High-Functioning Team

Spoiler alert: having fun is on the list for building a high-functioning team.  

Six Steps to Recover from Client Service Failures

In a checklist format to keep you focused on the best practices in making a bad situation great! 


Thinking about networking and business development in a new way can reduce some of the natural reluctance many of us have in these areas. 

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