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Employee Departures / Exit-Branding Research

When good employees leave, relationships change. Firms face the challenge of balancing a positive relationship with future alumni, protecting their intellectual property and confidential information, and processing the emotions that come with losing a team member.

These exit-branding practices impact reputation, goodwill and recruitment but are often overlooked.

We invite you to take the following survey to help us identify current practices of CPA firms regarding voluntary departures. Results will be featured in the Summer 2017 issue of Growth Strategies from the Association for Accounting Marketing.

Survey Questions
1. Our firm treats departing employees well.
2. Firm leadership is well prepared to handle departure notifications from staff, and respond in a positive way.
3. If an employee is leaving for a competitor, are they treated differently than other departures?
4. What exit-branding and alumni-relations practices does your firm effectively engage in?