Eight Workshops to Give a Great Impression

Our customized, in-house workshops give your team an edge in the soft-skills that all professional service providers need to lead a successful firm.  The future of your organization is in the hands of your staff and you need to make sure they have the people and team skills to continue your success. You can also test drive our content and delivery with our free webinars!


Exceptional Client Service

  • Teaches techniques to listen to clients and react in a way that demonstrates professionalism, quality and high value.
  • Participants learn the drivers that turn satisfied customers into loyal advocates that refer business to your firm.
  • Master new techniques for providing top-tier customer service to clients resulting in improved client retention.

Networking for Introverts

  • Gives employees more skills and confidence in networking and business development opportunities.
  • Teaches communication techniques designed specifically for those who feel less comfortable “working a room” or in other cold networking and selling situations.
  • Provides methods for building business and developing relationships that lead to improved self-confidence and contributions to the bottom line.

Engage Your Audience

  • Demonstrates how engaging visuals, body language and story-telling can more effectively get messages across.
  • Teaches how to communicate more effectively and move beyond over-used, sleep-inducing, text-filled slide presentations and proposals.

Personal Brand

  • Participants define their current brand, and articulate their ideal personal brand based on career objectives.
  • Analyzes how well one’s brand aligns within an organization's objectives and reputation.
  • Shows the many avenues that express one’s personal brand, and teaches how to use a personal band to promote the participant’s career and organization.

Building Great Teams

  • Identifies the strengths of each team member using Gallup strengths research and assessment tool.
  • Teaches techniques to build a more effective team and foster a positive environment.
  • Develops effective team communication and dynamics for more productive, happier teams and a stronger workplace culture.

Taking Charge of Your Career

  • Participants learn how to build advocacy, sponsorship and mentoring relationships.
  • Teaches various methods for developing technical and non-technical expertise.
  • Provides effective goal-achieving techniques for participants to be successful in near and long-term objectives.

Professional Etiquette

  • Remind employees all of the little things in business that people need to be cognizant of from web-surfing to distracting conversations and more.
  • Learn social media and online presence awareness, email do's and don'ts, kitchen etiquette, dress and appearance and the importance of being on time.
  • A hands-on dining etiquette training can be included to answer common questions and concerns about business meals.

I'm a Manager...Now What?

  • Teaches staff the roles and responsibilities associated with being a manager in order to properly execute projects and manage teams and train staff.
  • Explains the importance of client billing, budget management, scheduling and internal political landscapes and how they affect success as a manager.
  • Provides skills in staff development to build happy and productive teams that will have customers talking about your firm's great service.

One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring

Successful individuals and those responsible for their development are invited to discuss one-on-one coaching options.  Services for both specific skill improvement and general mentorship/development are available. 

Kristen's style is approachable and engaging resulting in real change with lasting effect. Having developed over 50 staff throughout her public accounting career, she considers this one of the most rewarding aspects of professional services. 


1. Reputation boost.  Staff will project and practice the image of the firm you want to maintain in your market.
2. Higher employee retention.  Offering a comprehensive training program that addresses critical soft-skills in addition to technical skills appeals to your A-players.
3. Higher client satisfaction.  A team that knows how to communicate, relate and meet a client’s needs with poise will be noticed.

Next Steps

Contact us to discuss how any of these programs could improve your team and build a stronger client base.  Email us at or call 415.967.0375.

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