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Who Picks Up the Check?

January 15, 2015 | Blog

Recently I’ve witnessed and heard of numerous instances of accountants hesitating to pick up the check (at a coffee shop!) or rushing to pay their own tab at the deli (before their guest puts his or her order in!).

Accountants need to know the difference between being frugal and being cheap, especially in networking situations.

Let’s start with a quick quiz: Which of these is more in line with your profession as an accountant?

A. Frugal (i.e., responsible)
B. Cheap (i.e., cutting corners)

The answer is A. This is important because each signifies something very differe… Continue Reading »

2014: Year in Numerical Review

December 1, 2014 | Blog, News

Proof and foot this any way you want – here are the numbers that add up to 2014 and a good portion of the work this year by Kristen Rampe Consulting:

Presented to over 1,000 attendees at monthly webinars with AccountingWeb while revealing 20 truths and 10 lies about myself over the course of the year. Thank you to all of you who were a part of these!

Facilitated a firm of 50 tax professionals in two all-hands workshops resulting in actions to take client service from great to incredible.

Helped a team of 5 seniors and managers create open communication lines between … Continue Reading »

That thing about communicating face to face…

November 10, 2014 | Blog

Last week I was speaking at AccountingToday’s Growth and Profitability Summit in sunny Florida. While I was there, I experienced a great example of just how important face-to-face communication is.

I’m sure you’ve seen the little eco-friendly card in a hotel room, the one that says “if you hang up your towel that means you want to re-use it.” The one that every single hotel I’ve ever stayed at categorically ignores. Well, I like to be friendly to the environment, and I always hang up my towel. I always hope the housekeeper might actually see this as an undeniable s… Continue Reading »

7 Ways to Host a Better Meeting

October 1, 2014 | Blog

I went to a meeting the other day, one with a mix of professionals and aspiring professionals (college students).  I’d love to tell you what the purpose of the meeting was, but I don’t actually know.

One might ask, what was I doing at a meeting where I didn’t even know the purpose to begin with? Well, I recently joined an organization and this was a regular monthly meeting, so I figured I would go and see what they were all about.  Or not, as it turned out. They didn't know how to hold an effective meeting.

What I got instead was a meeting leader asking the group un… Continue Reading »

Being a Mentor is Good for You

September 1, 2014 | Blog

One summer during college I worked as a temp at a mortgage company and was lucky enough to work with a great manager. Drew showed me how to keep a clean desk (not sure I actually practice this, but it was great to see it in action) and how to have patience with a wide variety of talent levels on your team.  He didn’t know it, but he was a mentor of mine and the skills he passed on have stayed with me for a number of years that will remain undisclosed.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider, or continue, guiding others to new professional heights.


Continue Reading »

Poetic Project Management

August 21, 2014 | Blog

Can project management be poetic? We’re not sure either, but here’s an attempt. Please enjoy this collection of project management verses with our compliments.

There once was a manager
Named Mr. Banager
He ran a tight ship
Except when he slipped

Which was nearly each day
As he wiled away
The time on each client
Fighting fires small and giant.

The budget was irrelevant,
The team was insurgent!
But the partner insisted
on keeping them fix-ed.

The manager learned all his skills from his years Of keeping his head down and having no beers. But now as a manager he had to st… Continue Reading »

16 Delegation Failures

July 17, 2014 | Blog

We've all been there.  Trying to make our work-lives more efficient, transfer knowledge to newer team members and leverage our practice.  Sometimes it works, and, well, sometimes the result is embarrassing at best.  If you’ve ever wondered if you’re a delegation master, or one who could use a few tweaks to make the most of your efforts, you are in the right place.  Below are a few ways to recognize when you might not have done the very best job ever in delegating your work.

If you are engaging in any number of these practices, or a victim of them, you’re not alone.… Continue Reading »

Reclaiming Our Fun

June 17, 2014 | Blog

After my webinar on Building a High-Functioning team, I received a whole lot of feedback from participants saying thank-you for the reminder to have fun. 

This really caught me off guard.  How in the world did we end up so focused on our goals (also a part of building a great team) that we completely let go of the fun part?  Now, I know, some teams have this nailed. Usually the ones featured in hip glossy magazines foosball tables on every floor and ball-pit conference rooms.  But what about the rest of us? Those of us who work in an average office, or whose compan… Continue Reading »

Someday, Someone Will Replace You

June 1, 2014 | Blog

Have you thought about who will be filling your shoes in the future?  Maybe you’re early in your career, maybe you’re approaching retirement, or maybe you’re somewhere in between.  For better or for worse, your time in your current position is limited.

So, what are you doing to create a legacy of well-developed individuals that can rise to the occasion of your progression or departure without causing heart failure for yourself, your partners or, worst of all, your clients?  Most people “don’t want to think about it” because it’s not easy to imagine someone being as… Continue Reading »

Getting Leadership Buy-In

May 1, 2014 | Blog

Ben was sick of having his partner cancel last minute on client meetings.  He knew that his clients were annoyed with the practice too and it needed to change.  Ben tried subtle suggestions, cc-ing others on “we missed you at the meeting” emails, and proposing firm-wide cancellation policies, but nothing seemed to work. Ben needed buy-in, and he wasn’t sure how to get it.

This type of scenario came up during my Integrating Client Service Culture webinar and I wanted to give some tactical ideas here on the topic of buy-in. The tips below are for those of you who dre… Continue Reading »

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