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I Just Told Your Staff to Quit


Dear Manager and Partner,

I don’t know your names. But I chatted recently with one of your staff and I want to tell you about it. “Alexa” approached me privately at a workshop I facilitated, concerned about actions you took with a client.

She felt she witnessed unethical conduct when you allowed your client to deduct expenses that were unrelated to their business.

Top 5 Business Writing Mistakes Your Colleagues Are Making

“We are in client service, but the written communication is a disaster” wrote a manager in need of help for her team. Requests for business writing help and workshops for CPA firms are at an all-time high.

Interestingly, of the requests I’ve received in the last few months, 75% were for help with someone else’s writing issues. To help you on your quest for quality communications, here are some of the most common mistakes, and how you can help your colleagues make a better impression.

Staff and Management Edition of Accounting Dreams and Delusions

Ever find yourself rolling your eyes at what goes on in your firm or company? Us too, and that's why we've decide the perfect sequel to Accounting Dreams and Delusions is the Staff and Management edition! Sure we have challenges with clients, but that pales in comparison to what goes on behind closed doors and cubicle partitions.